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Lily Lake Trail Repairs Slated to Begin Summer of 2013!

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship has received approval from the U.S. Forest Service to preserve and repair the trail to Lily Lake. This trail is in dire need of restoration. SBTS plans to start at the trail head just over our bridge and work their way up to the lake. This work will begin as soon as weather and snow cover permits and will last most of the summer. Feel free to join in as SBTS is a volunteer program and always needs help. If you can’t help, feel free to donate $1 (or more) to the Sierra Buttes Trail program to partner with them in preserving and restoring our trail network in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area! Thanks for your patience! A big shout out to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship for all their dedication to our trail system!


Posted in Blog, News, What's Happening on March 15, 2013.