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Gray Eagle Lodge Top 10

I’m here to help the kids have an epic time at Gray Eagle Lodge.

My first post is simple….”My Top Ten Must Do’s at Gray Eagle Lodge”

  1. Flashlight Tag: Join all the kids staying at the Lodge in a night time game of tag with flashlights. It’s scary, fun, and a great way to end your day!
  2. Pool: A pick-up game of pool is always available with other kids or adults!
  3. Badminton: Someone is usually game for badminton on the combo volleyball/badminton court.
  4. Ping Pong: The game room at the Lodge has a ping pong table where you can chill and challenge your friends.
  5. Rafting: You can bring your own raft for rafting down Graeagle Creek!
  6. Rock Climbing: There are two rocks that kids love to climb. One small and one tall!
  7. Cliff Jumping: At Salmon Lake there is a cliff where kids, young and old, can jump off into a deep pool-make sure you jump far!
  8. Snake Catching: There are plenty of NON-POISINOUS water snakes to catch and release. Don’t be scared..but are you?
  9. Bocce ball: Enjoy our bocce ball court next to the Lodge. This is fun and entertaining for all ages.
  10. S’Mores: There are S’More fixins’ in the plastic tub for all kids. Ask your parents if you can go out to the bonfire to roast marshmallows. Remember the sticks are for roasting not burning the forest down!

P.S. If I could have eleven, it would be the game of Left, Right, Center! Hope to see you there!


Posted in Blog, Brady's POV, What's Happening on March 10, 2013.